Darsteller Relic Hunter

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Die Liste enthГlt beliebte Titel wie Scruffy Duck, benГtigt es nicht mehr als eine weitere Einzahlung.

Darsteller Relic Hunter

Die kanadische Fernsehserie „Relic Hunter – Die Schatzjägerin“ handelt von der Darsteller. Ian Worthington: Christien Anholt; Prof. Sydney Fox: Tia Carrere. Synchronbesetzung von Relic Hunter Die Schatzjägerin mit Sprachproben - deutsche Synchronstimmen, Synchronschauspieler Cast nach Rollen mit. Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tia Carrere, Christien Anholt, Lindy Booth u.v.m.

Relic Hunter

jfmusiclessons.com - Kaufen Sie Relic Hunter - Season 1 günstig ein. 30 Minuten; Darsteller: Tia Carrere, Christien Anholt, Lindy Booth, Tanja Reichert, Tia Carrere. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Relic Hunter: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Relic Hunter: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Darsteller Relic Hunter Sold by Amazon. Why wasn't the draft proofread? Thank You Very Much. It's a race against time to retrieve Ubet Online Pharaoh's diamond before it can be cut up and sold off. Deals and Shenanigans.
Darsteller Relic Hunter Faberge egg. Sydney's graduate student Adam Grant unearths a lead on the never found but most famous of all Native American artifacts: the legendary Eyes of Toklamanee. Unfortunately, they have to team up with Derek Lloyd. Tiger & Dragon Stream O'Toole 2. Sound Mix: Dolby. After recovering a Malefiz Spiel Anleitung lancet from a New Guinea cave, Sydney and Nigel go on the run from head-hunters, with Nigel accidentally cutting himself on the lancet as they flee. Relic Hunter Main Title. Sign In Don't have an account? Oliver Haden Emil Vasay 1 Episode Lottozahlen Statistik Vorhersage Error: please try again. The Voice 4. The Good Doctor. The best TV shows. Billy Khoury Kyle Dating Simulator Online Episode

Get some picks. Title: Relic Hunter — She's aided by her linguistic assistant Nigel, and occasionally by her secretaries Claudia and Karen. She often ends up battling rival hunters seeking out artifacts for the money.

I just watched the premiere. Not bad for a TombRaider ripoff. It has interesting locations and a bit of action. I suspect the series will last for awhile.

Tia is great and I kind of like her assistant. It is worth checking out this series. I am looking forward to seeing more episodes. Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family.

The series includes fantasy and science fiction elements, with many of the relics featured having genuine supernatural powers or being pieces of unusually advanced technology.

It ran for three seasons in the U. At the beginning of each episode, there is a short flashback in which a relic or artifact is used or abused in its original time before being lost, stolen or hidden.

The show cuts to Trinity College in the present day, where Sydney and Nigel are asked to find the relic by some person or agency such as a museum, private collector in disguise or government.

It is then up to Sydney and Nigel to seize the relic and ensure it ends up in the proper hands such as the rightful owners or a suitable museum. Each episode ends with a scene at Trinity College explaining what has happened to the relic.

Jonathan Potts Neil Harris 1 Episode Joseph Scoren Francois 1 Episode Joseph Zeigler Dean 1 Episode Kelley Grando Tatiana 1 Episode Ken Pak General 1 Episode Ker Wells Garrett 1 Episode Kevin Milanese Elvis Presley 1 Episode Kevin Rushton Yuri 1 Episode Landy Cannon Sean 1 Episode Laura Heath Marilyn 1 Episode Lionel Vitrant Istvan 1 Episode Lori Gordon Lynette 1 Episode Malcolm Sinclair Julian 1 Episode Mandy Schaffer Molly 1 Episode Mark Burgess Aaron 1 Episode Megan Fahlenbock Kelly 1 Episode Melanie Maudran Arielle 1 Episode Melissa DeMarco Max 1 Episode Michel Modo Hugo 1 Episode Miguel Fernandes Dryer 1 Episode Natasha Cashman Maksimovitch 1 Episode Nicholas Kilbertus Emil 1 Episode Nicola Kelly Shiraz 1 Episode Noam Jenkins Adrian 1 Episode Oliver Haden Emil Vasay 1 Episode Pedro Salvin Pedro 1 Episode Peter Mensah Witch Doctor 1 Episode Peter O'Brien Allan 1 Episode Regis Ivanov Louis 1 Episode Richard Leaf Priest 1 Episode Robert Barr Albert 1 Episode Roberta Angelica Turley 1 Episode Robyn Palmer Karla 1 Episode Rothaford Gray Simon 1 Episode The infamous, previously unmentioned, Vulture was after him.

Sydney enlists Claudia to help. S2, Ep7. Sydney's dad asks her to come to Hong Kong to find the statue. S2, Ep8. Rome, 44 BC: An alchemist creates an impenetrable armor for Caesar.

But relic hunting is not her strongest talent. S2, Ep9. Diamond of Thutmose III. Scepter of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Crown jewels of France. Records proving a secret marriage on the eve of the French Revolution. Vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochicas.

Magical sword of St. First Christian Tau cross. The treasure of Treasure Island. Cursed Aztec Devil Doll. Burke was hunting an ancient gypsy treasure, the Crown of Roma.

Randal Fox, Sydney's father and a hydrodam-building engineer, beckons his daughter to China so that he can keep his word to monks who refuse to abandon Three Rivers for the dam's opening, believing their long-lost statue, the Jade Empress, is hidden in the valley.

Sydney's colleague Professor Penrose has a lead on Caesar's breastplate, believed to render the wearer invincible, and heads for Rome to have an ancient text translated.

Two graduate students on the trail of the Haitian Cross of Utu disappear in New Orleans and Sydney and Nigel go down on the bayou to find them.

To rescue a relic-hunting team hired by billionaire entrepreneur Rod Thorson to locate an ancient sacrificial bowl, Sydney, Nigel and Thorson parachute into the Myanmar jungle.

Sydney and Nigel discover relics of Egyptian Pharaoh Amun the Second, whose treasure-laden burial chamber was thought to have never been found, while serving as technical advisors on a movie.

Sydney knows she's putting her life on the line, when she agrees to a sting operation orchestrated by Interpol agent Cate Hemphill. But before the sting begins, she's snatched by an unseen assailant, and it's up to Cate, Nigel and Claudia to pinpoint a suspect.

Sydney and Nigel laugh it off when Claudia claims to have known Cleopatra in a past life. They begin to listen when her claims reveal a secret compartment in the Egyptian queen's golden jewelry box.

Sydney's graduate student Adam Grant unearths a lead on the never found but most famous of all Native American artifacts: the legendary Eyes of Toklamanee.

Sydney, Nigel and their Army escorts are ambushed by rebel forces, while in Russia recovering an ancient blade, known as the Sword of Ateas, lost over years ago.

Sydney and Nigel are thrown into an international intrigue, when one of Nostradamus' prophecies predicts that a Fox will stop a royal assassination.

Author and conspiracy theorist Vladimir Bugos contacts Sydney and Nigel to locate the Golden Falcon of Maribor, a relic last seen the night Crown Princess Natasha, its owner, disappeared about years ago.

Sydney's old friend from the Louvre Museum begs to join the hunt for a ruby-encrusted scepter once wielded by Gunther the Brave. Sydney and Nigel link the incident to French folklore, when an antique bronze mask disfigures a supermodel.

Nigel makes contact with a Hungarian monk who could help him prove that St.

 · Darsteller von „Relic Hunter“ „Relic Hunter – Die Schatzjägerin“ war eine Serie, die zwischen 19über die Bildschirme flimmerte. Die erste Folge in Deutschland lief am Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Relic Hunter with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at jfmusiclessons.com NIgel awakes the obvious gay interest of dodgy New York (fake) art gallery owner and fence Lagerfeld when he and Sydney are begged by foxy antiquities museum curator Elizabeth Rukeyser to retrieve before the Egyptian exposition opens the golden statue of cat goddess Mafdet, stolen from her apartment, where she sneaked it out to.

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Darsteller Relic Hunter RELIC HUNTER FIRING LINE. [email protected] Egypt Rd. Coplay, Pennsylvania HOURS: Monday– Wednesday 10am-7pm • Thursday-Saturday. Relic Hunter (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Twisted Relic Hunter (T3) is a cosmetic set of clothing representing the Twisted League. It can be purchased for 10, League points from the League Reward Shop. It consists of a hat, coat, trousers, boots and a twisted cane. The set can be stored in a costume box in a player-owned house and is tradeable. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Relic Hunter with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at jfmusiclessons.com Relic Hunter is a Canadian television series, starring Tia Carrere and Christien Anholt. It centers on Sydney Fox, a professor who is also a globe-trotting "relic hunter" who looks for ancient artifacts to return to museums and/or the descendants of the original owner. Sydney und Nigel finden gemeinsam auf der ganzen Welt verloren geglaubte Schätze. Diese Missionen sind weder leicht noch ungefährlich, aber das Duo weiß, wie man sich notfalls zur Wehr setzen kann. In weiteren Rollen, meist nur in einzelnen Episoden, sind u. a. auch die deutschen Schauspieler Steven Gätjen, Thomas Kretschmann oder Ralf Moeller zu sehen. Darsteller. Tia Carrere: Sydney Fox. (66 Folgen, –) · Christien Anholt: Nigel Bailey. (66 Folgen, –) · Lindy Booth. Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Tia Carrere, Christien Anholt, Lindy Booth u.v.m. Der Traum vom Gold. Video availability outside of Germany varies. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.
Darsteller Relic Hunter


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